It has been 18 months since our fight began in January 2011 against the proposed (and unconstitutionally permitted) Waste Transfer Station on Hwy 434 and I-12.   This fight has taken untold hours of dedicated work by many of our citizens. 

  Please be advised that the full Board of Directors of CCL met last night to consider a proposed settlement by IESI.  After careful review, the Board decided that it will not support the settlement offered nor the proposed zoning changes that accompanied it.   

Therefore, the Board has called an Emergency General Membership Meeting to be held next Thursday, June 14th at 6:30 pm at the John Davis Recreation Center (the Gym), at which time the entire CCL Membership will be presented with the proposed settlement and also will be allowed to cast votes on the matter.  Although the Board voted against the proposal, as promised, the Board will defer to the vote of its membership.

 As a result of last night’s decision, and if the membership agrees, CCL will not join IESI and the Parish in a joint motion to defer the Supreme Court deadline for briefs.  Our attorneys will also serve notice to the BOA to reschedule a hearing on the revocation of the permit for the original site.

 This is a very important meeting and the culmination of hard work for all of you that have stayed involved.  Board Members will be there to answer your questions after the presentation and before the vote.  A light meal of beans and rice will be served at no cost as 6:30 is traditionally dinner time.  Don’t let hunger keep you away! 

Actual voting will be restricted to 2012 Paid Members. 



 Please attend. 

Board of Directors
Concerned Citizens of Lacombe



Since out recent General Membership Meeting, all has been quiet on the home front. However, Wednesday June 6th there is a tentative meeting scheduled between CCL & IESI Corp. The discussions are an attempt to open dialogue to see if there is any possible way that a business solution can be reached without having this WTS on our front door, bordering HWY 434. 

This meeting will demonstrate the sincerity of IESI to resolve this matter in a way that is more considerate to the people of Lacombe.  As mentioned in our recent GMM, your CCL Board will not make any agreements with IESI without presenting it to our membership for consideration.  We are in this fight together and therefore will decide together the best course of action. We will not even bother presenting any offer from IESI unless we feel it has some merit of discussion. 

I want to personally thank each and every CCL member for having faith in our efforts and putting your trust in the wisdom of a very dedicated group of Board Members & Advisory Team. 

We will keep you updated on the results of this very important meeting once we have time to evaluate what might be presented to us today.


President, CCL



6:00 – 7:30PM




Come to the CCL’s Earth Day Celebration today 12-6 at the Lacombe VFW Post 8290 located at the corner of Lake Rd and Main St.


On Saturday March 31st, CCL hosted a MEGA garage sale and fundraiser at the corner of Miss Lou & Hwy 434. The weather was concerning Friday night the 30th, however we had 3 successful hours of early buyers before the rain hit Lacombe. Fortunately, the rain wasn’t a typical down pour but instead it was light and didn’t hurt our early morning opening on Saturday.

This has been a very profitable event for CCL; however, the success of this event could have never been realized without the hard work and countless hours by so many good folks in our community. When you reflect on all the hard work and the success that came with this event, it makes you humble and proud of the community in which we all live. CCL has made a difference in Lacombe and has brought people together like never before. I am proud of our accomplishments and even more proud of our community and although we can’t please everyone, our commitment to a better Lacombe is steadfast and on course.

The Mega Garage Sale proved once again the solidarity and commitment of a community to stand together to make Lacombe a better place for our children. I want to extend my heart-felt thanks to so many individuals that committed the time and energy into making this fundraiser a “Mega Success Story”!

First and foremost I would like to send a special “Thanks” to Paula & John Borne as they were the center piece of this fundraiser and without their commitment, hard-work and dedication nothing would have been realized. They were the heart and soul of this event and there aren’t enough words to express our thanks to them both! Thank-you Paula & John Borne!

Secondly, I would like to thank the following people that, according to Paula, were her “stars” in making this a success! The long hours, hard work and coordinating efforts of these individuals helped make this event a true success! Many thanks to all of Paula’s stars!

Lorraine Williams

Paul & Mary Leary

Pam Hernandez

Carolyn Darby

Sue Bond

Lisa Steele

Shannon Villemarette

Pat Varisco

Rick & Linda Franzo

Additionally, I would like to extend our thanks to others that came and helped out tremendously in making this event a success. Your willingness to help in various capacities enabled CCL to make this event a true success. Thank you so much for your help and dedication.

Diane & Greg Norton

Cody Milliken

Valerie Allen

Darlene Embree

Jeff Villemarette

Carl Mundell

Mike & Pam Bardin

Chris Braun

Donna & Danny MacGregor

Bob (Chief) Malanders

Vince Varisco

Judy Reis

Theresa Schnieder

Linda Ernst

Estell Baudier

Gianne Gonzales

Nancy Griffin

Evelyn Steinhauer

Audray Magaret

Finally, I would like to extend out thanks to Carl Krodinger for the use of his land at the corner of Miss Lou & HWY 434 as this piece of property is a perfect location for a garage sale! Thank you, Carl. Also thanks to Dan Ferrari for getting the signs out and in place throughout Lacombe, notifying the community of our event. Last but not least many thanks to Les Hughes, owner of Signs Now in Slidell, for getting the signs done for CCL and donating the beautiful large logo sign we had at the fundraiser by the check-out area.

SPECIAL THANKS to the citizens of Lacombe and surrounding areas for the donations (sale items and cash) and for coming out to our Mega Garage Sale and spending your money. All monies received will go directly to the mission of CCL – making Lacombe a better place to live.

The next fundraiser is on Sunday, April 22nd from 12:00 -7:00 at the VFW Building for “EARTH DAY!” This is going to be a great event for Lacombe and we look forward to seeing everyone there!

Thank you all so much!

Rick Franzo

President CCL Inc.


500 FAMILY MEGA YARD SALE – one block long!
Benefits the Concerned Citizens of Lacombe

CORNER OF Hwy 434 and Miss Lou, just south of I-12 exit 74 (Lacombe)

7am – 4pm

$5 Preview sale
Friday March 30


We thank everyone who has paid their dues and given us extra contributions.  I want to remind those who have not paid to please pay your dues as soon as possible.

 Our legal fees are mounting on a daily basis.  So far this year we have collected $5,100 with approximately half of our members paying dues and extra donations (thank you!).

This fight, no matter how it unfolds, will take time and be costly, that’s why we need your support in membership participation, donations and attending fundraisers. Our attorneys have done an amazing job, but we need to continue our efforts to raise money and pay them.  Without money we will not be able to win this battle. We also need volunteers to help in our fundraising efforts in 2012.  Please email or call CCL if you want to volunteer your services.

For those how wish to pay for tickets to Pepe’s on March 18 by credit card or paypal, please click on the link below and follow the instructions for “donating”.  Tickets are $20 each, so for 2 tickets enter $40, 3 ticket $60, etc. Print out a receipt and take it with you to Pepe’s for “will call” tickets at the door. 

It will be another fun fundraiser for CCL.  Let’s have a great turnout and raise lots of money!  You know the food will be great.


Dan Ferrari
Concerned Citizens of Lacombe